Happy International Women’s Friendship Month!

This past weekend our chapter hosted the all women’s ice cream social for International Women’s Friendship Month. We had a great turn out with around 75 girls showing up to eat free ice cream. I’m so glad that the event was successful and actually brought many different sorority women together. Now we can move on to the next event to celebrate this international holiday that was begun by Kappa Delta.

Last week Kappa Delta also participated in Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity’s philanthropy event, Watermelon Fest. Our chapter formed a team to participate in watermelon related activities, such as seed spitting and watermelon tug-of-war. It was messy but a great time, and all the proceeds raised went to support those in need in our community! But I’ll just let the pictures explain…

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Gearing up for the new year…

It’s that time of year again… It’s time for our first meeting of the year. This can be both exciting and overwhelming. We’ve been gone all summer without addressing any of the “housekeeping” issues within the chapter. Reports are going to be due, events must be planned, the bills must be paid. I love my sisters, but this time of year always tests our chapter’s sisterhood. I feel like it’s the same way for every Greek chapter though. We all slack a bit during the summer and then freak out trying to accomplish things within a very small time period.


As for Kappa Delta, September is Kappa Delta’s International Women’s Friendship Month. We’ve ordered some cutesy t-shirts for our events (pics to come). We’ll definitely be doing an ice cream social with all of the other sorority women on campus next Sunday in celebration of the month-long holiday. Hoping it’s a great success and that lots of wonderful ladies come out to support our chapter!

Recruitment 2010

Our new KayDee Ladies…

I’m so excited for all of our new Kappa Delta pledges! We gained 18 girls this past weekend, and our chapter is at 58 right now. This is so awesome to think about because 15 years ago the chapter was barely 20 strong. We have grown so much and become a true sisterhood. We had a great bid day party with the newbies and some alums!…sadly, my camera did not make it to the event. I’ll hopefully get my hands on some photos asap. So no worries! Pictures to come!

Website Pitch

I am thinking about creating a Website for my personal Kappa Delta chapter, Alpha Psi. We don’t have anything like this yet, and I’m the Vice President-Public Relations, so I guess this makes sense for me to do!

My biggest topics would be our events, bid day, our new members, our philanthropies, and of course there will be many pictures. I really want to showcase the great characteristics of our chapter, but also the great characteristics of Kappa Delta overall. I want to inform people of our sorority and to break any stereotypes that may be out there.

Are there any special items that you would like to see on the Website?? Let me know what you think!

A little about myself..

I never, EVER, thought I would join a sorority when I came to college. All I knew was what I saw come out of Hollywood, and I wanted no part of it. The fakeness of the blonde headed bimbos was not for me. As soon as I got to Drury University my mind definitely changed. During move-in, my car was bombarded with Greek members asking to move all of my belongings into my room. I could tell something was different here. Not all the sorority girls were blonde headed with fake boobs. They came in all shapes, sizes, and colors! This was a great first impression, but I was so busy over the next few days that I didn’t have anymore time to give Greek life another thought.

A week later, and my best friend and my suitemate are dragging me to sorority recruitment. I was still beyond skeptical but went along anyways. I was amazed at all of the awesome women I met from all the different chapters. Becoming less and less skeptical, the decision was now what chapter did I love the most? I got along with women from all chapters but seemed to always wander back to the Kappa Delta suite. I loved the girls there, but I still didn’t know if I was ready to become a “sorority girl.”

On bid day, I wrote down my top two choices on my preference card. I was torn, so I was just going to leave the decision up to fate. All the women going through recruitment were ushered into a large room with envelopes on each chair. I found the one with my name on it and sat down. When we were all instructed to open our envelopes, I barely ripped into mine and peeked in. I could see ornate green writing with the Kappa Delta crest inside, and I knew that fate had treated me well that day. As I ran to my new chapter, my sisters, who didn’t even know me yet, began embracing every single one of us. I knew that I had finally found my “home away from home” on campus, and college hasn’t been the same ever since…

Hello world!

Hi! I’m Christine Harkey, a college student starting my senior year…It’s the first day of classes, and my sorority, Kappa Delta, is beginning rush tomorrow. This should be interesting!  I can’t wait for our chapter to grow and to get new sisters. It’s the best time of the year! I absolutely love college, but it often has its ups and downs. This is where my KD sisters really come in handy.

“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest…”  Kappa Delta Love